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Comune di Cupramontana

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Located in the inland areas of Ancona, halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, we find a succession of medieval and Renaissance towns timeless still in appearance, linked by rolling hills covered with vineyards of Verdicchio.

These are not castles in the normal sense, that is, large fortified homes belonging to a single family, but castle towns, surrounded and enclosed
by high walls, within which the inhabitants and farmers in the surrounding countryside took refuge during enemy attacks.

There are fourteen castles of Jesi situated in a horseshoe formation on the hilltops around the valley of Jesi. For the most part the typical medieval
aspects have remained unchanged, with the characteristic twist of narrow streets and alleys within the walls.

Even the walls are almost all perfectly preserved and protected by the Superintendent of Ancona.

Surrounding the castles of Jesi, as far as the eye can see, lie the vineyards of Verdicchio. For this a visit to Castelli di Jesi is a suggested itinerary
from spring to late autumn when, after the harvest period, in addition to travelling across the beautiful hilly landscapes, you can taste the
new wines in the cellars and discover the true essence of the Marche culture in the local trattorias of the countryside.



Verdicchio is known among the great Italian white wines for its unmistakable and rich personality, and especially for its amazing versatility.

In the spring following the harvest, you can taste its fragrant and flavorful youth, and when prolonged aging in the cellar precedes bottling in the summer months, we have the Verdicchio that offers a great balance of flavors, product of a maturation process that generally occurs with time in tanks and/or stainless steel, and sometimes in large wooden casks.



Production Area


YIELD/Ha 14 tons
GRAPE VARIETIES Verdicchio minimum 85%, maximum 15% of other white grape varieties eligible for cultivation in the Marche Region
FOOD PAIRINGS preferably with seafood, from grilled to oven-baked, tagliatelle with white truffles and aged cheese
CONSERVATION under ideal cellar conditions it has a longevity of at least 2/3 years
CONSUMPTION serve fresh, 10/12 ° C, in large volume goblets