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Comune di Cupramontana

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Countryside around Coupramontana


What is terroir?

Terroir can be defined as a delimited area where natural conditions, physical and chemical, the geographic zone and the climate permit the making of a specific wine, unique and identifiable.

The terroir depends on the interaction of several factors, such as soil, climate, vines, the viticulturist and agricultural traditions. This word cannot be trivially translated into other languages as “territory” for the concept is much more complex.

Although traditionally, the term was used by the French in reference to wine, “terroir” is now also increasingly used in reference to other agricultural products (oil, cheese, meats, vegetables, breads, etc.).

The soil and subsoil, the geological composition, the various erosions having occured due to chemical, physical and biological (geomorphology) factors, microorganisms, macrofauna, mineral fertilization in addition to organic fertilization, the characteristics of the soil with the multiple water supplies, the different types of climate and consequently the different temperatures, ventilation, sun exposure and humidity, and ;mode of cultivation make a vine, planted in different types of terroir can produce grapes with diverse characteristics and consequently wines that are very different from one another in stucture and in aromas.