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Comune di Cupramontana

Telephone: +39 - 0731 - 786811



The territory of the municipality of Cupramontana occupies an area of 26.89 km2 right in the center of the Marche region with an elevation ranging from 103 meters above sea level (industrial zone of Pontemagno) to 561 meters above sea level (Badia Colli district).

A municipality considered “partially mountainous”, Cupramontana has a climate that is affected by its geographical placement “inland hills”, that is, halfway

between the mediterranean climate that dominates the Adriatic coast and the continental climate that dominates the Apennine hinterland.

This signifies an average rainfall of around 800mm per year and strong temperature variations between winter and summer as well as between day and night, depending on the altitude and exposure of the different slopes.


These slopes are arranged along multiple ridges that are themselves dependent on erosion, landslides, ditches and streams.


The Esinante and Cesola Streams of the Esino tributaries are the two main municipal water flows and firmly mark the southwestern and southeastern ridges, while the smaller creeks of San Marco and Cese come down to the valley to the north in the areas of San Marco and Badia Colli.


Elevation and physical systemElevation bar
                                     Elevation and physical system
Exposure and steepness of slopes in 3D       
                                     Exposure and steepness of slopes in 3D